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Cooling Vests and Systems
MSolutions offers every major type of personal cooling technology and our product line is always growing! You can feel confident knowing we offer the excellent value and most effective products for your specific application and climate.

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Kool Max™

Frozen Water-Based Cooling

Cool Comfort®

NEW! Hybrid Technology

Phase Change Cooling
58ºF Phase Change Cooling


Water-Activated Cooling

Quick Cool™

Flexible Packs
for Short-term Cooling

Cool Flow®

Circulating Cold Water System

MSolutions has extensive experience cooling people with Multiple Sclerosis and other medical conditions which cause an intolerance to heat. We also have experience cooling people in many other fields, including industrial workers, operating room and emergency response personnel, the military, recreation, mascots and costumes, and many others!

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Military Cooling
Vests & Gear

Torso Vests

The Polar Cooling Pillow Case

Ankle & Foot

Cooling WheelChair
Seat or Back

Cooling Head Gear

Cooling Vest

Neck & Upper Spine Cooling

Polar's body cooling systems are specifically designed to help the body lessen the impact of environmental heat conditions.  We manufacture all 4 major types of body cooling systems and since we are not married to one type of system we are uniquely open to discussing  the advantages and limitations of each system.  Our cooling systems offer relief to people with multiple sclerosis and other conditions that cause heat intolerance. Also used by surgeons, the military, the police, race car drivers, mascots & costumes and in many industrial applications.

Effects of Temperature and MS - Cooling Options
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*If heat intolerance is due to a medical condition, we recommend you
consult your health care professional prior to purchasing a garment or system.


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